Thursday, June 08, 2006

A movement of place

Well, after my experiences with Yahoos I decided to invest in a more permanent and personal Aethernet Hosting Situation, and thus this journal can now be found at:

I have imported the full complement of posts from this location into the more sophisticated "Wordpress" engine present there, and thus I would advise that further Discussion and Linking should be carried out at the aforementioned "address". Posts here will remain of course, but I hope that the new environment should provide a far superior experience for visitors, with categories and suchlike.

The renting of said space also gives me the chance to experiment with such things as HTTP Requests, and it is on that subject that I am now to post, with a New Project in with which any reader may freely join!

Please note: my XML Feed has now been updated with the new location, and thus resubscription will not be necessary.


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