Tuesday, May 09, 2006

An era ends

Well, it has happened: I have finally divested myself of my mainland property. It was really getting to the point where maintaining two plots simultaneously was becoming an absolute chore.

I shall now be dwelling on the island of Caledon, though do by all means visit my old address to see what has been done with it. I have sold the land to my neighbour, aliarna Deladda, part of a very pleasant group of people whom I am certain will not be filling the place with horrible advertisements, but rather will put it to good use, which was a major concern of mine.

It does not seem too long ago that Ms Deladda first arrived in a plot of First Land right in the middle of my Theretra area, and I confess I was a little annoyed at the time, as I had been planning on taking over that plot myself. However, one must have manners, and she was (and remains) a perfectly reasonable person - there was certainly no rancour, and after an introductory chat I was perfectly happy. A degree of land-swapping took place after this, with which I was quite happy, maintaining a contiguous plot for myself and for the growing group to the side of me.

Eventually I decided that the time was right to remove myself from the mainland, where I had been since bought First Land, expanding and consolidating. Given my well-known objection to land spammery I was most concerned that the area would not become a burden to my neighbours, thus offered it to them for what I feel was a fair price. And today we have concluded the sale. That corner of Theretra is safe from spinning ad cubes. Good luck!

Permit me a little moment of nostalgia here. It has only been, what, less than six months, but in Second Life that is an awfully long time.


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