Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Simulator Notification

The latest version of the model of the proposed Steampunk Sim can now be found in the back garden of the Manor at Caledon.

Steampunk Model - new home

The old location has disappeared, but this is a more appropriate place. Whilst there, why not visit Ordinal Enterprises and take advantage of the Steel Pigeon Projector (plus free rifles for sporting folk) or perhaps, take a ride on the Touring Dirigible, newly updated to process around Caledon?

Yes, some actual scripting posts soon. I have been working on a polite "Do Not Disturb" notifier which simply tells visitors that you do not wish to be bothered and would prefer it if they would leave - a civilised alternative to security devices. More significantly, I am also writing a key database system, which will allow one to store a practically indefinite number of keys, using linked scripts and rezzing of more when necessary. And there are always other projects on the hop, as it were.


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