Saturday, December 10, 2005

Concerning an Irrationality of Permissions

I recently received notice from a person to whom I had given a copy of my Visual Radar Display (which, now that I think about it, is a stupid name - a radar display that wasn't visual would be worth noting, but not one that was) that it wasn't working. Odd.

I took a look and asked him to try a few things. The marker object - the glowing dot - was apparently disappearing from the radar's inventory after the first appearance of one, and the radar was complaining. Very odd. Works fine for me. So, thinking that it might be a problem with permissions, I took the marker out of a copy of the radar, made sure it had full modify/copy permissions set, deleted the old one, put the new one back into the radar, and gave it to him back to try. This image shows what happened:

That's a picture of no dice. It still didn't work.

It was only until this morning, when I received some further advice, that I worked out what had happened. The permissions of object A when it is put inside object B's inventory are not necessarily the same as the permissions of object A. They're not the same as the permissions of object B. One might think this a little illogical and I feel that one would be correct in this thought. I've just been playing around with putting objects inside other objects and sometimes, it appears, they are the same as those of object A. I'm still a bit confused, but the lesson that's been learnt at the end of this is check the permissions of object A once it's inside B's inventory, by right-clicking A and selecting "Properties", rather than assuming that SL is going to be sensible and give it the same permissions inside B as outside B.


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