Sunday, December 04, 2005

A new hobby

Something that I have been doing quite happily since I built my first vehicle has been spotting and investigating skybuilds.

I'm a curious sort of person anyway, and one of the things that I enjoy doing in SL is looking at other people's homes, particularly trying to get into bits that they're trying to protect. Is this bad? I suppose it is a little, really. I'm not interested in spying on anyone - if a place is occupied I will stay away - but to me, a "keep out" sign, implicit or explicit, says "take a look".

People don't usually build sky houses unless they want them to be unobvious, so looking above 200 metres is intrinsically attractive to me - anything there is going to be something I'm not meant to see, and thus want to see. The procedure is quite simple. Go up to a point above the clouds, change the graphics options to show everything to maximum distance, see what's about. Then turn the graphics options back down to make SL workable and go and investigate the areas where you saw things. Hover around them, get out, take a walk.

(For anyone who wants real privacy from people like me: it's not hard to get scripts that eject anyone automatically from a particular area who's not on a list, no problem. But I'd urge you not to do so, because there's little enough in exploring SL that's a challenge.)


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