Thursday, November 24, 2005

An introduction

Before I write any more I think that I should post a little about myself.

In Second Life I am Ordinal Malaprop, member of the Socialist Party and the Victorian Retrotech Society, birth date 9/9/2005. I'm mostly interested in scripting since, in my First Life, I am a programmer, but I'm also interested in pretty much anything else that comes along - socialising, politics, exploring how things work in Second Life.

me in a red jacket me in Victorian dress I'm a creator type. I do a little clothes design, but I'm not terribly interested in that - almost all of my time is spent on scripting and building, at this stage mostly tinkering. I build up a lot of in-game money because I don't have much to spend it on; the odd item of clothing or gadget that I see and think is cool, but rarely anything for a particular purpose (though I'm always on the lookout for quality Victorian clothes). I buy textures and sounds occasionally but they're not hard to generate myself or find on the net.

Firearms? Objects? Textures? I understand that this might not mean a lot if you're not a Second Lifer. It's probably easiest to visit the link to the left to the official SL site and read some of the descriptions. On a basic level, Second Life is an online multiplayer 3D environment where people can create and program objects in the game, unlike most such things where you are limited to whatever the authors provide. Players can build houses, furniture, robots, vehicles, clothes, weapons, all sorts. I'm going to assume for the purposes of writing this that the basic principles are generally understood, simply to make my life easier, but if there's any confusion leave comments and I'll do my best. I expect that most people reading this are going to have found it while specifically searching for Second Life material anyway so aren't going to need much basic explanation. In fact, you probably know more than I do.


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