Sunday, February 05, 2006

A project proceeding

Readers interested in Victoriana, steampunk or just good taste and design might be interested to see the preliminary model of a dedicated steampunk sim that is being planned at this very moment.

Jefferson's sim plan model

This impressive maquette was built by Professor Jefferson Gould and continues to grow every day. If all goes to plan I shall personally be involved in the scripting of some of the infrastructure - automated hansom cabs, balloon tours, communications, that sort of thing. Obviously there needs to be investment in the project, but given that everywhere that the model goes people, flock around it and make comments such as "that looks great, when can I visit?", "I'd rent a house in a place like that", "I'd love to set up a shop/gallery/other there" I believe that it would definitely be economically viable.

There will be more publicity for it in coming weeks, but for now, here are a few photographs. You can see the full-size model quite frequently on evenings in Cordova Sandbox; I'd host it myself but alas, I do not have the spare prims in my home area.


Edit: The model has found a home at Acontia 52,186,86 - click to visit it. To see the whole collection of pictures, including the latest design, visit my gallery on the subject.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh, interesting AND conveniently located (it's practically next door to my tower).

I talked to Professor Gould about some ideas for awhile. Walk around the tower to see the Steam Gurney I showed him.

2/15/2006 02:19:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Our Steampunk Machinima film, "Start", premiered in SL this week. Take a look and enjoy.

Feel free to contact me.
--Moebius Overdrive

2/25/2006 07:49:00 AM  

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