Friday, January 27, 2006

Nazi grief

Last night, more Nazi Drama occurred, with one and then three shaven-headed fellows hovering just outside the SPSL headquarters and basically saying very little, just being there. This exposes a problem with small or narrow plots of land in Second Life, which is that anyone can sit on neighbouring land quite happily, listen in to conversations, make contributions of their own, and there is nothing (legal) that you can do, apart from convince your neighbours to ban the folk concerned.

If one is attempting to construct a case with Linden Labs against an individual or group one can hardly go around pushing them into orbit - even if it doesn't lead to your own suspension, it is the sort of thing that confuses and annoys arbitrators, who prefer clear-cut cases and do not like dealing with mutually warring parties. Confusing arbitrators means that your case gets dealt with more slowly and any decision is likely to be more lenient and "even-handed" - "you both stay off each other's land, and if any of you see members of the other group on your land, report it" rather than "you, you there, stay off these guys' land and never bother them again or we'll send you all to the Cornfield in an instant".

So all that is left is to engage in an awful lot of verbal abuse. It may seem a little out of character, but I have to confess that I can be somewhat offensive at times. Also, one can posture with weaponry, pull out bananaphones or other noisemaking devices, bombard people with copies of the Communist Manifesto, build signs, attempt to put hats on their heads with rude messages on them and so on.

It doesn't actually get you anywhere, though, and while I rather got caught up with righteous anger at being invaded and group loyalty at the time, I feel rather embarrassed about the whole thing now. This is a bunch of toy soldiers who are bored and want to have a fight. In Jessie, you can only fight other people who come into Jessie, and clearly that's been a bit dull for them. Some of them may have some unpleasant views, but it's not like they're actually going to get anywhere promoting them on SL - it makes no difference to me if they sit there muttering to each other about race mixing in the trenches in Jessie, and taking it outside of that is a good way to get LL to react much more quickly. Others, I'm sure, are just playing at it in order to provoke other people, something which I've so much of in other contexts that if I ever take it seriously I should kick myself.

Being the sort of person I am I immediately started thinking of automatic drones to place in Jessie that would seek out and kill selected targets, again and again and again (and I'm not sure how the one I designed could be easily stopped) but really, that is rather childish. I'm interested to see if it would work now but it's not actually going to help anything.


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