Monday, January 23, 2006

Ad Builds In Second Life

A collection of signs One thing I did forget to do is mention my Ad Builds In Second Life gallery. This is a selection of the best, worst and ugliest pieces of advertising that I have seen around the virtual world, with an emphasis on the worst - but please do note that simply being in there doesn't mean I'm necessarily saying that your ad is terrible. On the other hand, if the caption says "this ad is terrible", yes, I am saying that.

If you are reading this (and there are the odd few people apart from myself who do read this, I'm told) and you know of a really appalling or otherwise notable ad or area, please get in touch with a comment or in-world with the location and I will go and check it out, giving you credit if you like. One thing I'm finding annoying at the moment is areas which are utterly flooded with ad builds, which might be fine individually but together make you want to turn your draw distance down to 2m.

N.B. This isn't just about Bush signs, though obviously they count as well. That's old news, okay?


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